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Big Electric Tarantula Esports

Here at Big Electric Tarantula Esports, our mission is to promote and grow the Esports scene of the Tampa Bay Area. We currently foster ~15 teams across a variety of titles, with our Rocket League and League of Legends collegiate and amateur teams being ranked among the best in the nation. Our players are primarily Sarasota, Port Richey, Tampa, and Lakeland residents. Many of our players and staff are from the University of South Florida and St. Petersburg College, either as current students or alumni. Showcasing how much of a powerhouse the Tampa Bay Area is in Esports is critical to our brand and our teams. Our programs range from coaching local residents to hosting and supporting local tournaments in the Tampa area. Since our start in early 2019 we have supported the weekly Microsoft tournaments, hosted a LAN in conjunction with Florida Southern College and Microsoft with a 50 person turnout, and attended and supported a number of other Florida LAN events. We hope to continue growing at a rapid pace, as the Esports scene of Tampa Bay has enormous potential, and we hope you will be here to support us.